From the recording The Hills Will Burn

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Featuring Igor Sokolov on vocals


Death to the masses
Millions living in fear as they scramble to fight for their lives
Empty hourglasses

Their persistence in the face of death
Blinded only by that in which they feel inept

With a blade to their throat
Watch them fall to their knees
hear them beg
Through their cries and there pleas

This ends tonight,
At dawn, we ride

The path that lies ahead may seem
Insurmountable but we,
Will conquer them all

As we stand face to face
With our maker
Looking back on
all that we’ve become
Will there be a chance
To explain our decisions
Justify all the things
that we have done

As we enter
they fade to black
It’s the dawn of an empire
Plan our attack
As they sleep in their beds
Unsuspecting as we
Bring them to their knees

Mid November
Winter dies with us
As we, breathe life
to embers
Flames drown their screams
Set this town ablaze

This ends tonight,
At dawn we ride

They have sealed their fate
Beneath our feet they now lie
Forever gone

Never (never)
Surrender (surrender)
Relentless, we ride

We’ll bring the fight
If it takes our lives

This ends tonight,
At Dawn, we ride