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A Vicious End releases "The Hills Will Burn" 

Hello everyone,   

My name's Armando Diaz and I am here to tell you a bit about myself and this project! I've always had an excessive addiction to music and asked for my first (acoustic) guitar when I was around 11 years old (thanks Mom). After plucking a few strings and tweaking the tuners for about two hours on Christmas morning, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I tucked the guitar into my closet and spent the next year killing as many brain cells as I could on my Super Nintendo before I decided to give it another go.   

Apparently murdering brain cells with video games makes you a better guitar player because something clicked. I began teaching myself the classics (ACDC, Eagles, Led Zeppelin) and  eventually got decent enough to impress my Dad, who bought me my first electric guitar (thanks Dad, miss you).  

I spent the majority of High School plucking away at the strings of whatever guitar I could get my hands on, and over time, my taste in music evolved.   

Eventually I found Metal.  

Fast forward fifteen years *swooshy time travel noise effects*  

I got married, got a job that pays most of the bills, and got my own Netflix account… I officially became an adult. I had long since abandoned the dream of becoming a rockstar and/or an astronaut. Life was amazing, but something was still missing.  

After some heavy soul searching and a chat with my barber, I realized that I was yearning to create some new music. My wife has this thing where every new year, she insists we make some serious resolution goals to work toward the next year. I decided 2020 was going to be the year I did something I always dreamt of… I was going to record an album!  

Little did I know at the time that 2020 was also the year the world ended. Threats of war with North Korea, a global pandemic, mass looting due to social unrest, murder hornets (still kinda bummed that one didn’t really take off), toilet paper turning into a form of currency… All epic material for the new album! High five!!!  

I began writing the guitar parts, then the bass lines; I got some fancy programs to help write some heavy drums, then I started writing lyrics. The songs came oozing out!  

I began scouting out singers but could find no one locally that was able to help due to the pandemic and social distancing policies set in place. Then I found FIVERR, an online “work for hire” platform that allowed folks to sell their services as musicians, graphic designers, video editors, and more. I tried out a bunch of singers until I found Igor Sokolov, a Russian with the most wicked screams around!    

Over several months I worked with Igor, in addition to several other musicians from around the world, to finish up the songs I had written. It was finally happening, the album was taking shape!  

This brings me to here and now. The album is complete and ready to be heard, it's now up to you to check it out!!! 

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this and I really hope you enjoy the music!  

-Best wishes-  

Armando Diaz